While the majority of our apps and games are Android based, we are rapidly growing our number of iOS games and apps, too.

We will soon have 50+ (and growing!) for your enjoyment through your AMPClub subscription.

As an iPhone/iPad user, there are two ways to use your AMP Club subscription:

Enjoy our selection of iOS apps and games with your iOS device and watch the number of apps and games grow;
Purchase an AMP Tech Product (or another Android device) and enjoy the Android apps and games.

With your AMP Club subscription, you and your family can enjoy the all-you-can-eat buffet of apps and games across your devices - Android and iOS! Check out our Tech Products to pick up an AMP Android tablet and kick your kids off your phone for good!

AMP Club iOS Games
  • AMPHub!

    Discover AMPHub your #1 Source for 100% Free Games all in one app.


  • Brick Out Breaker

    Brick Out Breaker By AMP Arcade Game. Destroy all the bricks and collect the falling power-ups to bash your way to the next level.


  • Max Stax By AMP

    How high can you stack'em? Stack the blocks as high as you can get. Try to beat your Best Score.


AMP iOS Games Powered by Voltage Partners
  • Solitaire Classic Games

    Solitaire Classic Games by AMP is the #1 Solitaire you’ll love for your iPhone and iPad.


  • Sic Bo Casino Dice

    Sic Bo Casino Dice By AMP brings the all the excitement of the ancient Chinese game of Sic Bo


  • Video Poker Classic Jacks

    Video Poker Classic Jacks or Better brings all the excitement of real Las Vegas style Video Poker straight to your fingertips anywhere anytime!


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